We are choosing to support the incredible relief efforts of two world renown organizations. 

The first is International Orthodox Christian Charities, IOCC, the 'Red Cross' of the Orthodox world.  Instead of focusing on evangelism, and preaching, they help with the basic necessities of food, water, clothing, and shelter.  Helping everybody despite color, creed, and religion they have a greater impact on the world at large.

Money given to IOCC can help with things like:

Provide nutritious hot meals to families

  • Help protect against childhood disease
  • Teach tech skills to young graduates
  • Purchase school supplies for children
  • Provide eyeglasses and medical treatment for children
  • Clean up and help recover from natural disasters
  • Provide clean drinking water
  • And even build a greenhouse for low-income families

They're present in the US and all over the world in places like:

  • Uganda  Syria Ethiopia
    Haiti Greece Georgia (the country
    Cameroon Lebanon Jordan
    The Holy Land The Balkans Romania

The Second form of outreach is through OCMC, Orthodox Christian Mission Center.  Where IOCC helps in terms of food, shelter, and clothing, OCMC is focused on working through local churches to improve society for families and people alike.  They send missionaries and volunteers all over the globe to minister and share God's love with the people.  Mission Teams have served around the world: providing teaching, evangelism, youth ministry, health care; building churches, homes, schools, clinics; and offering numerous outreach programs. Money donated to OCMC helps with things like:

  • Education
  • Building Schools
  • Building Churches
  • Funding Orphanges
  • Supporting local clergy and their families

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