Journey to Kenya

After many hours of travel on a cramped plane we arrived at our destination of Nairobi, Kenya.  The dry desert air immediately carried a whole new world of scents to our noses.  The beating of drums and dancing greeted us first thing out of the airport terminal.

We drove to the Kenyan Orthodox Seminary and Ecclesiastical School in the heart of Nairobi.  Passing sprawling slums and tin shanties, it was evident that the wealth and prosperity of the country still left many of its inhabitants in want.  Inside the gated/ walled complex of the seminary we met warm faces and friendly greetings.  Quickly showing us to our rooms we met in the Archbishop’s personal dining room for a late night dinner.  Our first traditional Kenyan meal was a simple but delicious medley of rice, cooked vegetables, potatoes and pasta.  For desert we had the sweetest mango I’ve ever had in my life.  Sometimes the simple things are the best.  Looking around the table our entire team looked thankful for the food and rest after so many hours of travel.   With our biological clocks on the fritz we were all ready for a full nights sleep.

Sunday morning greeted us sooner than we expected, but were thankful for sleep in a real bed.  We all gathered with the OCMC missionaries, the students from the seminary and the Archbishop himself!  We had an hour drive ahead of us to the local village of Ndioni and the Kenyan Orthodox Church of Saint Timon.  We quickly left the comforts of the paved road for a one lane dirt road that required serious skill to avoid a broken axel or flat tire.

The Beautiful village church of Saint Timon awaited us at the top of a hill.  It’s simple construction with rough timber (tree branches) and a tin roof was soon filled with glorious singing and praise to God.  

 The soul of the Kenyan is both tried and tested with the harsh realities life here, but it is also a beautiful ray of light.  The Liturgy with these beautiful people has once again left its mark on my soul.  Δόξα Σόι ο Θεός!


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