Do Cool Colors speak to you? It might be time for some revitalization

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Have you ever stopped to think what the impact of color has on our daily lives? Sometimes we notice a color because we are drawn to it. Other times our subconscious picks up a certain feeling based on color. Warm tones often energize our senses and cool tones bring a sense of calm or freshness. 

Cool Colors

Cool colors include all the various shades of blues, greens and purples. These colors often make us think of nature, water, sky and space. If you find yourself drawn to cool colors, here are some insights:

  • These colors are easy to look at 
  • They can put your mind at ease and create a sense of calm
  • A positive feeling comes from the cool tones
  • The deeper tones can create professional or regal impressions as they mix well with so many colors
  • Lighter shades are soothing and honest
  • Cool colors often make us think of health and natural ways of life
  • Combinations of cool colors are harmonious and work well together

Let's take a look at the 3 main colors, and their particular strengths.


The color blue has been shown to have a physical impact on our bodies. It is a calming color and has been shown to lower blood pressure and slow down respiration. It is a powerhouse color for inspiration that encourages us to think outside the box and get creative. Blue is beneficial for both the mind and body and communicates honesty and focus.


This is the most restful color for the human eye. It makes us think about growth, freshness and harmony. The color green relaxes our muscles and encourages us to breathe deeper. New beginnings are connected to the color green. Wealth has also been communicated with the color green which is tied to the concept of growth.

Green Tri Force Bracelet


This color is a combination of a warm color (red) and a cool color (blue) which makes is an interesting cool tone. It's full of energy yet shows stability at the same time. A regal feeling comes from the color purple. An air of mystery surrounds this color and it can be viewed in a spiritual light. A creative hue that can open up the imagination.

Amethyst Bracelet

You can take the power of the cool colors with you as you accessorize with gemstones that hold special meanings.  Every AAONYX bracelet utilizes vibrant colors to calm the mind and vitalize the spirit. 

Make it yours with custom orders!  Send us a message at with any ideas for a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. 

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