How the International Orthodox Christian Charities foundation is changing the world

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By Dimitrios

We believe strongly in giving back and making a difference in this world. One of the relief efforts that we proudly support is the International Orthodox Christian Charities, also known as IOCC. Think of the IOCC as a 'Red Cross' organization in the Orthodox world. They provide assistance with the basic human necessities of food, water, clothing and shelter. The International Orthodox Christian Charities help all people regardless of their color, creed or religion.

Here is how the IOCC helps:

  • Emergency Response - When a natural disaster strikes (earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.) people in the affected areas need assistance with short-term safety and long-term recovery. During these situations, people lose their homes. Whether the affected people are in need of shelter temporarily, or for the time required for a complete rebuild, the IOCC is there. Making sure people have food and clean drinking water is another part of the emergency aid that they provide. In addition to helping during natural disasters, they also help deal with pandemics as well as armed conflicts. Making sure both hygiene kits and access to clean bathrooms and showers are available makes a big difference when these life-changing events occur.
  • Achieving Good Health - Good health is made up of many components: clean water, safe sanitation, good hygiene, a balanced diet, preventative health care and access to medical treatment. IOCC helps to establish healthcare centers that can provide life-sustaining medical care that allow people to live longer, healthier lives.
  • Education - An amazing statistic: For every $1 invested in education and skills, the return is $10 in economic growth. By teaching the children of today, we are all helping to create a more productive future society.
  • Agriculture and Food Safety - Delivering emergency food is a helpful temporary solution. Teaching people how to grow their own food and raise animals offers them the skills to be self-sufficient in the years to come. Building greenhouses to increase food yields and learning how safe food storage can decrease illness are all part of the help that the IOCC provides.
  • Economic Opportunities - When we help people build the foundations for self-help, the poverty cycle stops. Giving a small loan to women that want to start a business is another program that IOCC funds. These loans have a ripple effect, which, in time, brings new jobs to the neighborhood. Soon, it is moving out into the community.

If you'd like to learn more about IOCC please click here to visit their website. They have wonderful stories about how their actions have helped people in areas around the world including in the countries of Cameroon, Greece, Uganda, Syria, Ethiopia, Romania, Haiti and many more.

You will be inspired by these stories and how we all can give back and help. We are proud to support the incredible things that IOCC is doing around the world.

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