Warm Colors and your Brain

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Color impacts so many areas of our lives. We are drawn to certain hues and they have psychological meanings behind them. Warm tones are energizing while cool tones are refreshing and calming. Sometimes we are aware that we like a certain color and other times our subconscious leads us to notice a certain object.

Warm Colors

Warm colors include all the various shades of reds, yellows and oranges. These colors make us think of heat or sunlight. Visually, warm color appear to come closer as we view them. That is why a warm color really pops as an accent. If you find that you love the look of warm colors, here are some of the reasons behind that:

  • These colors feel inviting and comforting
  • At the same time they can be stimulating
  • Strong emotions can be remembered when viewing warm colors
  • Warm colors can evoke feelings of passion
  • Our appetites can be stimulated by warm colors (many restaurants use these colors)
  • These colors reflect more light so they will stimulate the eyes
  • They speak to a sense of urgency

Let's take a look at the 3 main colors, and their particular strengths.


The color red stimulates the body and mind. It causes the body to increase circulation. It communicates confidence and power. Action is often associated with red objects. On the softer side, red is a romantic color and brings on feeling of love, warmth and comfort.


This is the brightest color on the visible spectrum and is the color most noticed by the human eye. It's reminds us of the sun shining and brings on feelings of happiness and optimism. This color is linked to creativity and often shows that people who incorporate this color into their lives are more willing to take risks. Deep shades of this color can be linked to intensity, while soft shades can make us think of warmth and coziness.


A combination of the colors red and yellow, orange is seen as an energetic color. It is often used to draw our attention. We often think of the beauty of a sunset when we see something orange, making us feel warmth and happiness. Orange can also remind us of taste, bringing up memories of the tangy zing of citrus flavors. Change is another feeling that can come from this color as it reminds us of the changing of seasons into fall.

You can take the power of your favorite warm colors with you when you accessorize with gemstones that hold special meanings. Here are some examples from our collections that might be of interest to you:

  • This special bracelet called "The Mermaid" literally glows in the daylight due to the Rainbow Opalite beads. You have to see it for yourself!
  • The Cora Fire Ball is made with original red African Beads. The bracelet blazes to life as a beautiful accent. Hurry if you like this bold warm color as the beads were a special purchase in the western region of Kenya
  • The Luna Trinity bracelet features a three layer design which includes Tiger Eye, Matte Onyx, and Hematite. The golden yellow colors are accented by the black and gunmetal stones which make it a versatile piece.



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